Linda Hodge

Linda Hodge

Certified Life Coach

I work with women who have repeated patterns of sabotage, which has caused frustration, limited beliefs, and problematic behaviors. As a result of my tools and systems, they will minimize their tendency to revert to prior habits and break-through self imposed limitations. Those who practice my methods not only experience external behavior changes, but also transform their internal thought processes. Since using my coaching services countless women attest to living the quality of life they desire and deserve.  I am a Certified Life Coach and have been married to Dr. Fred L. Hodge, Jr. for over 35 years. Together we pastor LPCC and are the founders of Transformation Mentoring Culture.

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Course Curriculum

Module 3: Restart

Module 4: Living Intentionally

Module 5: Secrets to Achieving Your Goals

Module 6: Turning Failure into Victory